Henri (13) Earns Professional Welding Qualifications

Henri Jones, 13-year-old son of Shufflebottom director Alex Shuflebottom and nephew of director Wesley Shufflebottom, has achieved professional welding qualifications. Henri successfully carried a welder approval qualification test of a multi-layer inline plate butt weld and multi-layer T-joint fillet weld. At only 13, he is now a coded welder, working to British and European standards.


                                                                                                                                          Henri (left) with welding tester Aaron Wicks 

Henri 02These qualifications were carried out in the MAG (Metal Active Gas) welding process, in accordance with the BS EN ISO 9606-1:2017 standard, which will enable Henri to work professionally as a welder when he is old enough.


Llandovery College pupil Henri has learnt from his father, skilled welder Dafydd Jones, owner of D Jones Welding, on the family farm at Llandeilo.


"We are tremendously proud of Henri's achievement," said Alex. "We think he may be the youngest coded welder in the UK. We can't be sure, because there is no national database, but it would be surprising to find a younger one."


Welding tester Aaron Wicks of AW Inspection Services, Bridgwater, Somerset, who assesses welding candidates in South Wales and South West England, said he did not know of a younger coded welder.


"Henri listens very well, which is essential" said Aaron, who added that Henri has good awareness of health and safety.


At school, design and technology is one of Henri's favourite subjects, alongside art and sport - he is also a keen rugby player and has often played for Llandovery College in his age group.