Loading Canopy for Logistics Company

Logistics company Mini Clipper Ltd chose Shufflebottom to supply the loading canopy for its headquarters in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Mini Clipper, a family company founded in 1972, refurbished the former Gossard bra factory in Leighton Buzzard to provide offices and round-the-clock cross-docking.

Mini Clipper contacted Shufflebottom after hearing of the company from an associate familiar with Shufflebottom's agricultural buildings.

2010 Mini Clipper Bedfordshire

Mini Clipper regards the loading canopy as a long-term investment with a life of over 20 years, part of the company's plans for future growth. The canopy is 24.281m by 14.186m, measured between column centres. The stanchions are set back 2.615m to create an overhang of 2.615m across three bays. The eaves are at 6.096m, and the roof has a pitch of 12.5 degrees.

Ref: E9303

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