Hop Farm Building near Abingdon

An Oxfordshire farm growing hops has a 78m Shufflebottom building, partitioned into two sections 48m and 30m long, to store both crops and machinery. The substantial steel-framed building is 24m wide and 6m high to the eaves. It has been constructed for Blanchard Enterprises on New House Farm, Southmoor, Abingdon. 

Ref: E9885


The roof cladding is natural grey P6R fibre cement with closed ridges. The sides, which have Ultrazed side rails, are clad in Shufflebottom vertical 0.5mm 1000/33mm plastic-coated box profile. The roller shutter doors, powered by three-phase electricity, are galvanised.

The crop store part of the building, the smaller 30m section, is lined with 2m high, 140mm thick pre-stressed concrete panels, which also form an internal division.

Interior and exterior.

2011 Blanchard 01
2011 Blanchard 02

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