Oultwell Livestock Housing

This livestock building at Oultwell, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, pictured nearing completion, has hot-dipped galvanised steelwork. The side cladding, down to 10 feet 6 inches below the eaves along the back and partly at the gable ends, is vertical treated timber Yorkshire boarding with treated timber side rails.



The 120ft by 40ft building has a 5ft overhang along the front. There are  pre-stressed concrete panels 95mm thick and 2m high at the rear and at the gable ends.

The roof cladding is P6R fibre cement in natural grey, with vented ridges and 12 roof lights.

Ref: E10428

Exterior steel frame with wood cladding.

2012 Gadsby Wisbech 01
2012 Gadsby Wisbech 02

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