Building on a Slope

A multi-purpose barn-type building at Rhydowen near Llandysul in Ceredigion, has timber and stone cladding which blends into the landscape. 

Comprising a workshop and a car port, the galvanised-frame building, on a slope, is 65ft long and 30ft wide. Height to the eaves is 9ft at the car port end and 12ft at the lower, workshop end, but the roofline is continuous.

Vertical 0.5mm Shufflebottom 1000/32mm plastic-coated forward box profile forms cladding on three sides. The fourth side has vertical treated timber Castle boarding with Ultrazed side rails, and stone facing. Roof cladding is P6R fibre cement with closed ridges for the car port and alternate vented ridges for the workshop. Eight roof lights are fitted.

Ref: E10967

2014 11 Willcox Rhydowen 01
2014 11 Willcox Rhydowen 02

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