Steel Framed Arena for World Horse Welfare Charity

Horse and pony luxury at the World Horse Welfare charity: this Shufflebottom is at Glenda Spooner Farm, Kingsdon, Somerset, one of the charity's four rescue centres in the UK.

The steel-framed building, an arena with a side lean-to and two extensions, was supplied to the main contractor W Coombes & Sons of Ilminster, Somerset.


2015 11 World Horse Welfare Somerset 01

The arena is 78m by 30.83m and 6.4m to the eaves, and the side lean-to is the same length, and 3.5m wide and 3m to the eaves. One extension is 3m by 12.996m, and the other is 6m by 15.5m. Side claddings are vertical treated timber double Yorkshire boarding with treated timber side rails. 

Roof cladding is natural grey P6R fibre cement with a two-piece plain wing closed ridge and plain wing barge boards. There are a total of 136 roof lights. 

Ref: DL 14-07-35req

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