Thetford Pig Unit

Pig unit specialists G E Baker (UK) Ltd have added a Shufflebottom at The Street, Bridgham, near Thetford in Norfolk. The building, 60.96m by 15.24m and 4.267m to the eaves, incorporates features developed by Tom Wright of Spring Farm Systems, as well as the Shufflebottom galvanised eaves beam gutter system.


2016 11 Baker Thetford 01

The steel frame is hot-dipped galvanised, the roof cladding is P6R fibre cement in 'Natural Grey', with open protected ridges and 20 roof lights. 

Side cladding at the gable ends is vertical 0.5mm Shufflebottom 1000/32mm plastic-coated forward box profile in 'Heritage Green', with Ultrazed side rails and closure flashing over concrete panels.

The concrete panels to the long sides are 95mm thick and 2m high, and to the gable ends 95mm thick and 1.5m high.

The building meets the specifications for Stradbroke (BQP), the Uk's largest pig producer, part of Dalehead Foods, which is a subsidiary of Danish Crown's Tulip Ltd. 

Ref: E11640

Aerial shots of the unit

2016 11 Baker Thetford 01
2016 11 Baker Thetford 02
2016 11 Baker Thetford 03
2016 11 Baker Thetford 04

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