Workshop with Overhead Gantry Crane

Askew & Barrett (Pulses) Ltd's industrial workshop building at Marshland St James, Wisbech in Cambridgeshire has a steel frame designed for additional loads from an overhead gantry crane.

The 20m by 15m building, 5m to the eaves, has stanchions of 406x178x54 Kg/m U.B, and rafters 305x165x40 Kg/m U.B. The purlins are Ultrazeds and the eaves beam is Ultrazed cold rolled with a CHS eaves tie. 


Side cladding is vertical 0.5mm plastic-coated box profile with Ultrazed side rails, and the roof cladding is P6R fibre cement roofing sheets with a closed ridge and 16 roof lights. 

Ref: E11975

2017 06 Askew & Barrett Wisbech 01
2017 06 Askew & Barrett Wisbech 02

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