Tough at Tonbridge

Tough galvanised farm building at Brenchley, Tonbridge, Kent, has an externally mounted Shufflebottom eaves beam gutter system.

Features include:

  • Dimensions 36.576 metres by 33.6 metres and 7 metres to the eaves
  • Ultrazed purlins suitable for solar panels
  • Farmscape P6R fibre cement roof cladding in Anthracite
  • 18 roof lights 2.896 metres long
  • Shufflebottom 0.5mm 1000/32mm plastic coated forward profile side cladding in Olive Green
  • Concrete panels 1 metre high and 145mm thick to all four sides except at doorways

Ref: E10893

2018 06 Overy Brenchley 02
2018 06 Overy Brenchley 01 2018 06 Overy Brenchley 03

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