Double First

This is a week for firsts at Shufflebottom. On two counts. And we’re delighted at both.

Firstly, Tony Phipps, one of the newer members of the Shufflebottom Sales Team will see his first-ever commissioned erected steel-framed building leave the factory to take pride of place on site not far from us here in Carmarthenshire.

This is always a milestone for those working in sales, to see effort, hard work and an order in a book take concrete shape in the environment and be put to use for a specific purpose.

And it’s the purpose of the new building that is the second first, for we’ve never had a customer quite like this. Interesting to say the least. Animal Dramatics has been training and supplying animals to the Film and Television Industry for over thirty-five years. From the beautiful farm close to Carmarthen, owner and animal trainer Jackie Sanger, is able to provide a range of well-trained animals or offer a setting for a shoot for drama, commercials, films or stills and a unique location for corporate events and Christmas and Birthday parties with a difference. If you’re a TV fan, it’s probably Jackie’s animals and pets you’ve seen making an appearance. From Coronation Street and Countryfile to Midsomer Murders and Miss Marple, they’ve played starring roles and appeared in the credits.

We’re delighted that this sizeable building from Shufflebottom (27.43m long x 12.19m wide x 5.49m to eaves with fibre cement roof and box profile side cladding) will play a starring role in Animal Dramatics and be used for training and housing these four-legged starts of the screen.

It’s a project that Tony nor us will forget. We’re also wondering whether the time might come when Animal Dramatics might provide an elephant for us at Shufflebottom, the living embodiment of out well-loved logo. Who knows?

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New Additions to the Moody Cow Family

Since 2017 Bargoed Farm has been giving a warm Welsh welcome and showcasing the best of Wales all in one place. The original farm has diversified to accommodate a farm shop, butchery, bistro, fishing, camping, caravans and glamping in the most glorious landscape in the heart of the Ceredigion countryside between Aberaeron and Newquay.

Posted, September 13, 2021

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Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station – the sequel

Like many great stories and Hollywood movies, our initial blog posted on 3rd March 2020, about Shufflebottom’s involvement with the development of the new Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station, warrants a sequel. In fact, we signed off that first post with the words: “More news and images as the project progresses at speed!”

Posted, July 26, 2021


One step at a time..

None of us will ever forget 2020/21 and the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our lives. All of us have been impacted in some way. But some have been hit doubly hard, having to deal with a health crisis that is nothing to do with COVID-19 but nevertheless, has to be managed within a time of COVID with all the added challenges that presents.

In October 2020, Alison, one of our long-serving and valued employees, who has worked in our sales team, and admin team before that for eighteen years, suffered a catastrophic stroke. This was devastating for Alison, her family and friends, and her wider family here at Shufflebottom.  Her work colleagues and customers were naturally shocked and saddened and have been closely monitoring her progress and receiving regular updates from her husband Matthew and her daughters, Amber and Sophie.

Posted, May 10, 2021


We are delighted we have been shortlisted for three RIDBA building awards.

Posted, May 06, 2021