Industrial Base for Groundworks Firm

The U-shaped Shufflebottom on K J Pickering Ltd's Roade Hall, Ashton near Northampton, has a total external length of 79.4m -- 33.4m along the bottom of the U and 23m up each side. The building is eight metres wide and height to the eaves is 5.2m. Side cladding to 4.85m below eaves level is in vertical Kingspan KS1000RW XL Forte leathergrain plastic-coated box profile with 80mm composite insulated panels. Roof cladding is also Kingspan KS1000RW XL Forte leathergrain plastic-coated box profile, but with 120mm-thick composite insulated panels. The gutters and downpipes are all made of steel.

There are a total of 11 openings ranging in size from 4.5m high by 6m wide to 2.1m high by 1m wide.

K J Pickering Ltd specialises in groundworks, plant and machinery hire, road haulage, and the supply of sand and gravel.

Ref: E10179

2012 Pickering Roade Hall

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