Recycling and Renewable Energy Expansion

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd is a Dorset recycling and renewable energy company, which chose an additional  Shufflebottom building for expansion at its headquarters site in Parley near Christchurch. The expansion includes a steel-framed building and an extension.

The main building is 29m by 20m and 7m to the eaves, and has side cladding in single-skin plastic-coated box profile with Ultrazed side rails. 

The extension, 27m by 20m and also 7m to the eaves, has two open sides. 

Eco Sustainable Solutions produces compost, mulches, soil, woodchips and turf, and in 2012 opened an anaerobic digester plant at Piddlehinton to convert food waste into electricity. 

Ref: E10436

2013 01 EcoSustainable Christchurch

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