Farm Buildings for Institute in Aberystwyth

Shufflebottom provided four steel-framed farm buildings for the main contractor, Afan Construction, at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), Aberystwyth, Wales:

  • 72m x 14.2m x 6m high, with a portal frame side extension, 54m x 11.8m x 6m high, joined perpendicular, with hip and valley connection.
  • Silage clamp 36m x 12m x 6.7m high, with an addition 36m long x 1.5m wide under an overhang to one side.
  • Silage clamp 24m x 21.69m x 8m high.
  • Triple span livestock building 36m long and 5.3m high, with a side extension 36m x 13.55m x 5.3m high.

The buildings form a modern complex for sheep and cattle farming. Construction of the buildings and the yards between them required 2,000 cubic metres of concrete. The silage building has six pits for separating and testing different sets of silage. There is a feed mixing shed, a lorry bay, chemicals store, workshop, barn, seed drying shed, and accommodation for cattle and sheep.  The complex is arranged around an old stone building that IBERS wanted to keep.

Refs: E8832, E8836, E8837, E8838

2010 IBERS 05
2010 IBERS 02
2010 IBERS 04

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