Six Buildings for Three Pig Farms

Norfolk Free Range Ltd ordered six steel-framed buildings in autumn 2014, for three pig farms in Norfolk, all near King's Lynn.

The steel frames all have a hot dipped galvanised finish and incorporate the Shufflebottom eaves beam gutter system. 


The buildings on two farms are 60.96m long by 15.24m wide, with eaves height of 4.267m. Roofs are clad with P6R fibre cement with open protected ridges and 20 roof lights. At the third farm, the two buildings are longer at 73.152m, but the same width and height to the eaves.

2015 04 Nofolk Free Range 01
2015 04 Norfolk Free Range 02

All six buildings incorporate Tom Wright's curtain system from Spring Farm Systems. Tom designed the curtain system to be waterproof, and top opening to prevent excessive draughts from affecting the pigs.  

Ref: E11010, E11011, E11012, E11013, E11014, E11015

Glance at more buildings