Hampshire Farm Trio

A trio of farm buildings for Forest North Farms Ltd occupies a site at Fritham, Lyndhurst in Hampshire.

The steel frames are all galvanised, the roof claddings are P6R fibre cement Farmscape with alternate vented ridges, and the side claddings are treated timber Yorkshire boarding. 

All three have concrete panels 95mm thick and 2m high around the perimeters. Two of the buildings are 24.384m by 12.192m, and the third is L-shaped, 30.48 by 15.24m and 12 by 9.144m. The L-shaped building has a treated timber eaves beam and the other two integrate the Shufflebottom galvanised eaves beam gutter system. 

E11126, E11127, E11129

2015 09 McCulloch

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