Buildings Duo on Norfolk Farm

Two buildings, acquired by pig production company BQP, are sited near Swaffham in Norfolk.

BQP is part of Tulip Ltd, which is owned ultimately by a Danish co-operative, Leverandørselskabet Danish Crown Amba.

One of the buildings, for storing tractors and with a footprint 45ft by 30ft, has side cladding of vertical 0.5mm plastic-coated box profile and roof cladding of 0.7mm single-skin plastic-coated box profile, with six roof lights. The eaves beam is treated timber. 

The other building, a Dutch barn for straw (pictured), has a much larger footprint, 135ft by 60ft, and height to the eaves of 20ft. The roof cladding is 0.7mm single-skin plastic-coated box profile without rooflights, and the eaves beam is the Shufflebottom galvanised system.

Ref: E10878, E10879

2015 12 BQP Stradbroke 01

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