Cattle Court Extension

The galvanised steel side extension to a cattle court at Haddington in East Lothian also has the Shufflebottom 3mm galvanised eaves beam gutter system on the side away from the existing building. 

The extension, 120ft by 50ft, and between 5.427m and 6.037m to the eaves, has Ultrazed purlins and side rails, and roof cladding of P6R fibre cement in 'Natural Grey', with alternate vented ridges and 24 roof lights.

Side cladding is vertical 0.5mm plastic-coated box profile Ventair, except on the side fixed to the pre-existing building. Pre-stressed concrete wall panels are 145mm thick except for one end where they are 95mm.

Ref: E11432

2016 08 Kennedy Haddington

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